Reasons On Why Blu-Ray Player Couldn’t Play Your Discs

Every window and even the disc-less laptops are supporting the Blu-ray players. Everyone is living in a world where everything is altering day to day technologically and this improvement decreases the usage of the disc. But the matter is they not yet stopped to the usage of the Blu-ray. Some people experiencing the difficulty that their blu-ray player does not play some discs and if you are one among those people some of the tips are provided here which can help you in make reading the discs by your Blu-ray player.


Check for damage

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is check the Blu-ray player that checks the inner components of your Blu-ray player. That helps you in identifying the difficulty in reading the discs. When you have connected the Blu-ray player wrongly it cannot read your discs through checking you can find it.

Other than connection, if there is a hardware problem on your Blu-ray player they cannot read the discs. There are common hardware problems are the tray of the Blu-ray player might get damaged or the cables you have used might get loose. In this case, to check whether your tray has damaged remove the tray from the player and eject the discs. After that observe that there is a presence of any wobbles or misalignment and then try to reset them accordingly. If the cables are a problem the replace it with the new one.

Disc issues

When you check the player and cannot find any of the issues in it, then move to the discs. Because the disc you have inserted inside the player might get damaged. Normally if the disc has bent or any scratches over the disc, the player could not read them. If you couldn’t find any bumps or scratches and after cleaning the disc you can try it for one more time.

damage disk

Lens of player

When there is a problem in the disc reader in the Blu-ray player the player could not read or write the data present in it. Usually, the Blu-ray player will be contained with the red or blue lasers in some instances it may be get damaged and that prevents the player from reading the data in it.

Final thoughts

Most commonly, one of these will be the reason for discs not play in blu-ray and when you have identified the problem of the player, it can read the data on your disc.