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Barcroft Hall

The Field of Dreams will not be open during 2015

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July to September 2012
'Rays of Sunshine'
A magnificent sunflower display for the '3.11 Charity' for the JapaneseTsunami

Following the huge success of the ‘Field of Dreams’ worldwide wildflower display at Barcroft Hall in Somerset last year, the owners Brian & Denise Herrick, themselves near victoms of the Asian tsunami in 2004,  have travelled to Japan to try and help with the healing process by helping organise and donating the seed to create another four fabulous wildflower meadows in the disaster areas on the east coast of the country. 
At the same time the Japanese wildflowers grow, here in England this year will see not only the 2012 Field of Dreams with the largest UK collection of worldwide wildflowers on display again but also ‘Rays of Sunshine’ a separate sunflower spectacular display dedicated to the victims of the tsunami, with many thousands of beautiful flowers. Our aim will be to allow our visitors to buy the flowers and the money raised from this display will go to the 3.11 charity in Japan. Hopefully through the season's opening all the sunflowers will be taken away by those who want their very own 'Ray of Sunshine'!
But just as importantly the wildflower meadows created in Japan will be a place where people can go and be at peace. Brian commented that ‘ The philosophy of the Field of Dreams in England was that in the current climate with such strains on families and especially the elderly everyone needs and should have a little piece of heaven to promote harmony, goodwill and understanding. This ideal has now been transported to Japan and we sincerely hope it will help those families who have been subjected to this terrible disaster ’
Entrance is FREE and sunflower sales will be given to the 3.11 Garden Charity in Japan.
 The "3.11 Garden Charity" has been set up to raise money for the victims of Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.
 We aim to help the garden lovers of the Tohoku region to re-build green areas destroyed on March 11th 2011. We believe that gardening can help to provide hope for people coping with difficult times in their life.
Our aims are to;
1. Recover garden areas by planting young trees and redeveloping the destroyed landscape.
2. Care for the children affected by the disasters by organising special events such as days out and garden visits.
3. Plant flowers and trees in the affected roads and neighbourhoods.