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Barcroft Hall

The Field of Dreams will not be open during 2015

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May 6th. to 16th. 2012
'Pedal for a Pound!'
Charity bike ride from Bordeaux to Paris

All Done!!
Brian and Denise Herrick of Barcroft Hall, South Petherton together with Steve & Cheryl Larcombe of Wadeford, Chard have completed their third marathon cycle ride, this time from Bordeaux to Paris in France covering 400 miles.
The ‘Pedal for a Pound’ sponsorship  has raised several hundred pounds for the ‘Field of Dreams’ charity and started the flower season on the right track, with the Field of Dreams opening the end of June.
So far the couples have cycled over 1200 miles for charity, covering the UK to the Mediterranean.
Brian who is an active conservationist commented ’The whole ride went really well but Paris was a challenge and the rain slowed us down a bit, but we arrived on time. I told my wife we’d celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary this year in style, and what better style is this !’
Steve Larcombe and his wife Cheryl who are Directors for Cerdic Foundries in Chard said ‘ It was great to be with each other after having been friends since we were young, the Field of Dreams is a great charity and we support it all the way !’
All for our 'Field of Dreams' charities!
If you can sponsor us now or in the future we'd be so grateful, you can do this by just completing the form and saying 'I'm with you all the way!' and stating your donation if we complete!
Thanks again for your support.