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Barcroft Hall

The Field of Dreams will not be open during 2015

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The Field of Dreams
The summer of 2011 saw the ‘Field of Dreams’ come true attracting over four thousand visitors and placing the event as one of the most popular in the West Country.  Everybody loved it and marvelled at the millions of wild flowers, which created an excellent environment for the butterflies and bees.
But just as importantly the Field of Dreams became a place where people could go and be at peace, an inspiring environment. Children adored it and adults remembered childhood.
This July and August in 2014 Barcroft Hall Estate opens again one of the largest collections of annual wild flowers from around the world and other complimentary and exciting displays covering almost six acres
The Barcroft Hall Estate in South Petherton purchased and renovated over two acres of abused land to create what Brian Herrick the owner and farmer describes as a ‘Field of Dreams’.
Frequent visits over many years to study the flora in the Table Mountain National Park in South Africa (itself one of the only six floral Kingdoms in the world) and innumerable visits to Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town and Kew Gardens in London have inspired both Denise and Brian to try to emulate and display some of the incredible biodiversity that is available to see in the world.
In 2010 work commenced, unsightly buildings were removed and tons of rubbish and waste taken away. By the following spring the clearance was complete and all plastics, metal and other alien materials had been removed.The road banks were rebuilt and new natural indigenous boundary hedging and trees planted. The land was then mole ploughed for drainage, ploughed and harrowed to create a fine seed bed. Further clearance of buried waste brought to the surface through cultivating was removed.
Finally a mixture of 57 different flower species from around the world were broadcast sown at three grams per square metre in a substrate to obtain the best density of cover
Annual plants were chosen under the guidance and supply of Clive Farrell, one of the country's leading lepidopterists and wild flower experts who runs the Ryewater Estate in Dorset together with many Butterfly World parks. Emorsgate Seeds in Kings Lynn and other merchants from around the world provided seed and further advice.
Brian insists that 'In the current climate with such strains on families and especially the elderly everyone needs and should have a little piece of heaven to promote harmony, goodwill and understanding’
The ‘Field of Dreams’ will be open from
10am to 6pm from 4th. July to 31st. August 2014
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Only
(Entrance donations will be requested for local charities)