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Barcroft Hall

The Field of Dreams will not be open during 2015

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Here's a selection of the kind comments we have received so far..........

'Just a few lines to say thank you for sharing all of your beautiful flowers and much hard work today. It is truly a magnificent effort and hopefully will bring much reward to both your selves and the local community'

'We visited your Field of Dreams today and it just made me cry. I really do not think that I have ever seen anything quite so beautiful and want to thank you both so much in sharing it with us all. Just so magical.'

'I feel so inspired now to find out as much as possible in how to create a wild flower garden'

'You have given so many people so much pleasure this weekend. It just shows that the very simple and natural things in life are always the best'

'We were bowled over by the flower meadow, which we visited this morning. It is quite wonderful, and a tribute to your imagination and hard work. We will look forward to seeing the evolving of it in the future'

'I visited your 'Field of Dreams' today (absolutely breathtaking), having found out about you and all you offer, quite by chance (I live only 15 minutes away) I would love to walk your paths. Where do I find out about this please?'

Last weekend we had one of our best, and definitely the prettiest, walks of the year and I would recommend it to any walking group, clubs or individuals who may be in the area to go along. South Petherton Walking Group visited the Barcroft Hall’s ‘Field of Dreams’ (Featured on our Home Page – in North Street, South Petherton. Boy oh boy what a fantastic place to visit and then couple it with a walk in South Petherton’s fantastic countryside.The ‘Field of Dreams’ if your readers don’t know is the largest and most diverse wild flower plantation in the UK and it’s on our doorstep for us all to enjoy. Booking is simple you just visit and register your visit, that’s it! The wildflowers are available for the public to see every Sunday from 10am to 6pm in July and August. There are no words to describe this place it is just fantastic.

There’s plenty of car parking and it’s well signposted, but the landowners provide directions on the web site. If you park your car in the field car park, the owners Brian and Denise Herrick, who are extremely amenable to everybody including walking groups, have no problem in you meeting there and going on the many walks available on public paths on their land and around and finishing with a visit to the flowers.There are really good pubs at East Lambrook and in South Petherton itself, but Brian and Denise are happy for you to picnic in the adjacent field.

It’s a fundraising exercise so there’s no entrance fee but an entrance donation of £2-£3 is asked for.But get there quickly, it’s very, very popular and sadly the flowers will not last forever! This has to be arguably the best local projects we have visited so far.Well done Barcroft Hall!

Thank you for making our day with such a sight of an array of beautiful meadow flowers. Fabulous! Well done. It would be lovely if we could all bring this back to our hedgerows and alot of fields throughout the UK. I try to get as many flowers into my meadow but you beat me by a few hundred varieties!!!! I look forward to another visit.

WOW!!!! I've sent a link to your website to all my friends......

What an amazing feast for the eyes, and how important for wildlife - we loved it! Thanks ever so much.

Last week, after seeing a very short report on BBC local news regarding Barcroft Hall's "Field of Dreams". My partner & I decided to drive down to South Petherton to see for ourselves what looked on our TV screens to be a spectacular display of wild flowers. Nothing could have prepared us for the stunning spectacle of two acres of the most vibrant colour of these wild flowers, butter flies and bees.

My partner an accomplished gardener was so moved by this incredible sight that she was quite literally reduced to tears. In a world that is inflicted by so much doom & gloom I feel compelled to make as many people as possible aware and share in this beautiful and free of charge experience.

Just to say that we went to your heavenly Field of Dreams this afternoon – found the honesty box! What an amazing transformation. We met two locals who think it is incredible what you have done in such a short time. Have recommended you to some friends who live in Herefordshire but staying in Dorset for a few days so they hope to come on Sunday. Many thanks again and we must come back when the sun is shining (?) and the butterflies are out!

Went to visit your flower field this afternoon. It's really the most beautiful 'thing' I've seen for ages (apart from my new baby girl!) I found it an incredibly moving and uplifting experience & so unique that you really want to share with everyone too. Ditto the butterflies! Will come back to check. Thankyou for creating something so special.

You have indeed created a really wonderful display. Our congratulations to you both. Our daughter and her family were with us last weekend and it was marvellous to be able to take them to your flower meadow. The weather was not perfect with half a gale blowing and showers which greatly reduced the numbers of insects but we all enjoyed it, including our toddler granddaughter.

I would like to say after visiting last sunday, thought the'field of dreams' was truly breathtaking
such fantastic and vibrant colours, will definitely be back to visit soon. Attaching photo that I took, I like it so much , will turn it into a canvas!

Just wanted to add my own thanks for your lovely field of flowers. We came on Sunday and were enthralled by their beauty. When we left our home town it was pouring with rain but as we’d contacted you to say we were coming, we decided to carry on anyway........but to our astonishment (and relief), it was dry in South Petherton. You’ve created such a lovely oasis of calm in an otherwise frantic world, thank you.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for what you have done here. I visited last weekend and spent nearly 3 hours photographing the flowers. I have posted several on flickr, the photosharing website and people have been amazed at the meadow. I have also been selling the meadow to my friends so hopefully more people will come to view the beauty!

Thankyou so much, just had a look on line. Brill! You really do have a fantastic wild flower meadow so aptly named ' Field of Dreams' My husband and I are well travelled but never have we seen anything like this!

We had a lovely walk over to the field of dreams today, the flowers are beautiful. My 7 year old and my 5 year old niece loved identifying the different flowers whilst the little boys just enjoyed following the paths!

Your dreams are so similar to our dreams, but to walk the paths through shared dreams is something we never dreamt would happen! We remember the flowers growing among tall grasses when we were children, and sometimes have doubted our memories when looking at the hedgerows and fields these days.

Here, today, those same flowers, and many more beside, reinforced our childhood memories. We brought our two grandchildren to see the field, and they ran, and ran through the paths, laughing, stopping to look at individual flowers and touching them. Only a field like this could give them that sense of freedom. I have some amazing photographs, a couple of which have been given to their Great-Grandma to cherish. At 93 years old she certainly remembers meadows like this. Continue your good work and thank you for sharing your field of dreams with us.

A couple of years ago, from my imagination, I painted a picture of a beehive sitting in a meadow of wild flowers; today I saw the real thing! Thank you.

A little bit of absolute heaven - I'll be back for another dose of peacefulness....

Many thanks for letting us visit. Best of luck with all your plans for the future. There will be more visits from all my friends. My ninety year old lady was in heaven and it was the best time for her.She could not believe how lovely it all was.Best wishes and hope that you will fullfill all your dreams.

Thankyou so much for giving my daughter-in-law and myself the opportunity to visit your field of dreams this morning! What better way could there be than this,to spend such a tranquil time in the heart of the Somerset countryside. We loved all those pretty flowers. and what a good idea to have a guide and photographs so that we could identify their names. South Petherton has some lovely shops, and we ended a perfect morning with a coffee ( and buying some cheeses ) in the delicatessen! Many thanks for all your hard work, giving people so much pleasure

Possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I have visited your beautiful Field of Dreams and found it most inspiring. What a pleasure it is to have someone in the community so public spirited and generous as yourselves.

Thankyou so much for the opportunity to visit your wonderful project, this morning. I am sure it has been said by others, but it was a very emotional experience to walk round."The Field of Dreams" and very good for the soul. Lots of success for the future.

Lovely meeting you today. Thank you and your lovely wife for being so helpful and making me feel so welcome! It is a wonderful space and just glorious what you have created there. Truly inspiring and beautiful (London needs something like it)

Hi Brian, thank you so much for allowing us to share your dream, the wildflower meadow was wonderful, we will tell our friends about you.

What a truly beautiful sight. It was a real pleasure to wander amongst such a variety of flowers. I spotted some that were not on the very useful pictorial identikit chart too! 

We visited and were literally “blown away” as I think our Children might say!. Such an inspiration and so very much worth the journey to you. With kind regards and very many thanks again for allowing us to see your inspirational Field fo Dreams at such short notice. Magical.

I must tell you how grateful I feel to have seen your 'Field of Dreams'. It is 'breath-takingly' beautiful - and to have it here on our very doorstep is wonderful. I have told a number of people some who knew some who did not. Thank you so much. A glorious sight and great for bees, butterflies, lovely birds etc...

We enjoyed our visit to "The Flowers" yesterday very much indeed and now feel encouraged to put a wild flower patch into our garden. It will have to be on a much more modest scale though!

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for such a lovely addition to our village. My friend and I were really inspired and we hope to recreate a little bit of your dream in our gardens next summer.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and thought that the flowers were lovely. The whole effect was breathtaking! We found the information sheets very useful, and your comment about the changing overall colour of the site made one feel that visits at different times during the 2 months would be beneficial.I have been busy telling friends locally that they need to come, we're glad we did.

Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your flower meadow today.. It was quite glorious. We enjoyed a most peaceful stroll beside unbelievable profuseness and colour. What a triumph! Well done!

An oasis of tranquility in a busy world. The flowers were a delight. Well done.

Your field is a delight, a wonderful contribution to the community and support for it's ancient churches, thank you.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the field of dreams last Sunday and were moved by the beauty of the flower meadow. We are spreading the word amongst our friends and wish you all the very best for the future

There are no words to describe what this little piece of heaven is like but it was truly out of this world and also thank you for making us feel so very welcome!

I wrote a poem about the Field of Dreams, as I think it's just brilliant. I will send it to you if you are interested, but really just wanted to say, it's so great what you've done, and it is so true, people all need some peace and what a wonderful way to find it!

We spent a lovely couple of hours visiting your 'Field of Dreams' yesterday. What a beautiful place you and Denise have created!!!!!! We hope that there will be many more visitors this year to enjoy such a pretty sight, and that it will enable to raise lots of money for your local charities.

Had such a fabulous day today and very inspriational.....

Thanks for a wonderful wildflower experience in sunshine yesterday - watched it again on BBC1 this morning but its better to be there in person! best wishes

After the horror we have experienced in Oslo this summer it will be very special for me to take a lasting picture of the wild meadow flowers back with me in my mind to help heal the wounds.

Although I will be away in France I will try to paint from memory of yesterdays 'lifting the soul' experience. It was so wonderfully peaceful (away from the bad news) and I was lucky enough to have sun & clouds and a breeze rippling the flowers - just like walking through a Monet picture, thank you for such joy

Thank you Brian and Denise for sharing your field of dreams with us last weekend - never seen anything quite like it in Britain - You certainly have created a wonderful haven of peace and tranquility in the heart of Somerset - a butterfly and bee heaven - amazing!

We had the most wonderful visit to your Field of Dreams, it had us 'wowing' from the moment we clapped eyes on it. Please, please, please do it or something similar again!!! Despite the hard work it must have been rewarding for you.

We went there on Monday - LOVED it - what a marvellous idea you had and how beautiful indeed - a photographers paradise too! Thank you - and thank you too for giving the money to charity - I would be interested to know which one you have selected. All the best - keep up the great work!

Your ‘field of dreams’ was simply amazing and gave us great inspiration. We are going to dig up our front garden! 

My friend and I visited the field on Monday and really enjoyed it. We have decided to mark, on next years calendar, to make an early July visit so we can see the earlier flowers at their best. It's a lovely idea thanks.

We all found it very inspiring and congratulate both you and your wife on achieving a truly wonderful experience for so many people

I just wanted to say how much our friends and I enjoyed your 'field of dream' way back in July.  I've spoken to many people since then, who then came to see you,  the concept and reality have given so many people such a wonderful memory, thank you. 

We have today visited your field of dreams and thought it was absolutely lovely - you have certainly put South Petherton on the map.  We also had the pleasure of meeting you along the way.  We live at Wellington Somerset and shall certainly visit another year to see how your flowers have multiplied and matured. Wishing you much deserved success in your new endeavour. 

We visited your wonderful "field of dreams" today. We thought it was breathtakingly beautiful, such a variety of flowers and colours, and so many insects and butteflies. Heaven for them - and for us. Such a peaceful place. We could have just sat and walked and gazed at the flowers all day! Thank you for creating such a lovely place.

We visited your lovely field of flowers today and we were very impressed!

Visited on Sunday. What a delight! Thank you. Will return this weekend, please, bringing others!

I am absolutely delighted that your Field of Dreams has been so successful and given so much pleasure to so many. I look out over it from bedroom window every day. Lucky or what !!

We spent a very pleasent day visiting The Field Of Dreams yesterday luckely with some warm sunshine .We thought it a wonderful idear all those lovely flowers .Sitting enjoying the view of flowers seemed a world away from all the trouble in our cities at the moment .

The piece on Television did not do it justice! We hope to be back armed with cameras next time. Hope you will be able to make this an annual event and maybe expand into the next field down.

I currently live away, but having spent all my childhood years living in Droveway (aka lower North Steet) and playing in these fields as a child, I can't wait to come and visit (with my 5yr old son) and see the fantastic work you have done 'at the bottom of the lane'.The pictures look stunning and what an excellent profile for the village too.Thank you for putting North Street on the map!

Hi we were both very impressed with the field as someone who was born and bought up in the village I consider what you are attempting to achieve on your land in Petherton is very worth while and wish you every success.

We've have just got back from the Field of Dreams - congratulations on a wonderful place!

We came, we saw, we gazed in wonder. Thank you for creating such a lovely sight in our already beautiful area. As I am a Governor of SP Infants school I shall certainly be recommending a school visit to your Field of Dreams next July.  Thank you again.  

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful display of fauna. We both thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will certainly come again if the opportunity is repeated next year. Many, many thanks for the time, effort and expense that you have put into your project to provide so many with a truly breathtaking experience.

I have been so inspired by the field of dreams after seeing it in the newspapers, I plan to visit from Chester next summer. Absolutely amazing. Spread the word and the seeds! I am telling everyone I know about it. Good luck with the project.

Visited today, it was beautiful & very peaceful after battling on the A303. Must come on the back roads next time. I'm sure this will become an annual trip for us.

'Beautiful and the best I have ever seen” said Enid (Nan)  Brought back happy memories of her childhood and mine walking over downlands full of chickory and blue butterflies.  Thank you to all who created the Dream.

Many thanks for allowing us to visit your wonderful field of dreams,it was an amazing idea .What a truly marvellous selection of flowers, we had fun trying to identify them . Hope it will be available again next year.Very best wishes and thanks for giving us a truly special time.

What a memorable morning we had yesterday. It was truly magical and well worth travelling many miles. Camera was exhausted when we left!!! Will definitely be back next summer.

We visited 'The Field of Dreams' on Sunday. Thankyou so much. It is a paradise for artists, photographers and flower watchers alike.

I visited the field of dreams yesterday and found it a truly uplifting experience.I shall look forward to coming again next July.

Having seen your Field of Dreams on television, we had the opportunity to come ourselves whilst visiting our son in Frome. I would like to express our thanks for creating such a beautiful view of nature as it should be and hope that you will continue with the project.It has created a piece of nature almost forgotten in todays world.

I was able to take our young Australian relative to see the amazing Field of Dreams some weeks ago and she LOVED it! she took lots of photo's and downloaded them onto my computer! so I can view them whenever I wish to share them with our friends.

What a fantastic sight....took loads of photos and have some lovely memories. Thank you so much for giving so much back to the really is a Field of Dreams

We came to your WONDERFUL Field of dreams last week end and wanted to tell you that your work is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing such wonders and opening it to the eyes of all.

Just to say my 89year old mother and I thoroughly enjoyed your Field of Dream. Many thanks for bothering to email a reply as to access for my mother so promptly (half a day. The top gate parking made it very easy for her and she managed to walk half the field. A lovely idea and well thought out and will be enjoyed by many.

We very much enjoyed our visit - truly beautiful and we hope you'll repeat it next year? Every time we thought we'd seen every variety we spotted another! We hope you raise lots of money for your chosen charities.

We had such an enjoyable afternoon on Sunday, especially as the weather was as idyllic as the field of dreams. Thank you so much for having such a brilliant vision and for all the hard work you have put in to create it. You have given enormous pleasure to countless people and we look forward to visiting again next year.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Field of Dreams, we all loved it, and keep talking about it. In the present gloomy outlook in this country it is wonderful to experience such a project, non commercial, good for the earth, the environment, wildlife, so much natural beauty we were so happy to be allowed to be able to share it. We are spreading the news. Thank you again.

Visited the field last week. What a visual & sensorial joy! Brought back many memories from my childhood, when children could run through fields and build their dreams. Thank you

I love the idea of the Field of Dreams and hope it will be an event every year, I havnt been able to visit this year as I heard about it too late and I expect it is all over by now but if I had I know it would have made a lasting memory that would have stayed with me and I would have returned to the field in my mind every time I needed a break from Life

I would just like to say how much we admired your wonderful Field of Dreams today. So much so we intend coming back next year to take another look!

Such an amazing project…beautiful, peaceful , inspiring, spectacular and utterly glorious…thankyou so much for all you have done to create such a place the field of dreams is surely a touch of heaven ..

As we walked into The Field of Dreams on Saturday the last few drops of rain fell, the clouds lifted and a few blue patches of sky appeared. We were so mesmorised by the flowers we did not notice that the sun had come out until we felt its warmth on our backs. As we stopped to enjoy a vibrant clump of purple corn flowers we heard a faint humming and buzzing coming from the field. The sun got hotter and butterflies appeared and everywhere we looked insects we creeping out from under the flowers. Thank you for creating such a magical place.

Such an amazing project…beautiful, peaceful , inspiring, spectacular and utterly glorious…thankyou so much for all you have done to create such a place the field of dreams is surely a touch of heaven ..

We visited your garden just as the weather turned foul. Although the garden was just going over it was beautiful. We took quite a few photo's of the flowers. For what you two have done you should get some recognition for your efforts. Should you do it next year, would you please give us your opening date, a earlier visit is a must. My wife and I wish you both well and look forward to next year. 

I visited the field with my father in law recently & we both loved what you have done. We met other people walking around & though it wasn't the sunniest of days the place just seems to make people happy, he doesnt really go out much because he cant walk far but loved chatting to people there & trying out his new camera so that he could show his friends where he'd been & share the field with his friend who was unwell & unable to come with us. Well done its a beautiful idea.