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Barcroft Hall

The Field of Dreams will not be open during 2015

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 'Family Gardens and Farm’ to start in South Petherton' 

There's no doubt about it, this year more people than ever will be experiencing the excitement of growing and rearing their own produce. Allotments and gardens, patios and terraces are buzzing with activity, as novices from all walks of life catch the planting bug.
Everywhere the demand for allotments is increasing and in many towns and villages where councils once had to go out and search for takers, allotment committees are overwhelmed by the demand, and are looking for new areas to open up.
Brian and Denise Herrick, of Barcroft Hall in South Petherton will prepare three acres of land for a ‘Family Gardens and Farm’ scheme when the demand arrives.
This area will be an environmental model insists Brian, it will be used for the production of food and the education of younger generations by older more experienced folk. The aim is to recycle knowledge which we are calling ‘Vegetation Education’.
Fundamentally it will be a vegetable production area for individual families and areas that are shared for the production of fruit and homeopathic herbs, and later for the small scale rearing of livestock.
We hope to be able to provide all the necessary environment for this to thrive.
In addition the economics will be taken into consideration allowing families to trade produce and sell produce to locals.

 If you want to apply to participate provide your details below: